Software / Industry 4.0 technologies – Big Data Analytics

Our work is to find data relationships beyond those considered obvious, and create new value-added information

Successful stories

We bring innovative solutions for the products of companies

Geozzy: Big Data to innovate tourism management

Based on the browsing data from people visiting a tourism website owned by INNOTO, an innovative company from A Coruña, we have been able to design heat maps representing the website’s contents and most viewed sections, analyze the origin of the visitors and determine browsing patterns. In short, we have been able to adapt the contents to each specific user in real time.

H-MEC: BigData in the electrical resistivity of cement

COMSA, Siam, General de Hormigones and CyE, along with the researchers from the Technological Institute of Galicia (ITG), have worked together to develop a new system designed for the preliminary determination of the strength in service of different types of cement through the determination of their electrical resistivity. This innovation makes it possible to reduce time and costs incurred in the works.

WaterSIG: Bigdata to innovate water management

The partnership made up of the companies Grupo Proyfe, Torusware and CyE Control y Estudios, along with the researchers from the ITG technological center, seeks to apply Information Technologies to the Integrated Management of Drinking Water and Sanitation Services under the Big Data paradigm and through Parallelization Strategies. Market restrictions will be taken into account in order to design the best solution.

Variety of techniques

We talk about “large volumes of data” but, in reality, BigData covers a variety of IT techniques to extract useful information from large volumes of data. Said data is usually poorly structured and extracting the information would not be possible otherwise due to the time and costs it involves. It is our job to choose the most appropriate technique for each case.

Useful information

There is a huge volume of information around us in our personal and professional lives. Databases, files, logs, data from all sorts of sensors, data from social media, news, etc. which contain information that we often consider not to be useful because we think it is irrelevant or because we do not see a clear relationship between the data.


The key to designing BigData architecture is choosing the most appropriate database (based on documents, key-value, graphs, objects, natural language, etc.) and the infrastructure on which we will deploy the solution: Hardware On Demand, where the use of virtual machines is increasingly common, and Cloud On Demand, where the architecture is deployed on the cloud.

Download our report “Analysis of the Big Data strategy in Spain”

Our business development manager, Juan Luis Sobreira Seoane, shared his vision on the opportunities offered by BigData in the report “Analysis of the Big Data strategy in Spain”, coordinated by the Spanish Technological Platform for ITC (PLANETIC).

The goal of this document is to identify and provide solutions for business opportunities related to Big Data. To that end, this report determines the current state of research, infrastructures, the existing technologies and the data sources available in this context.