Monitoring. IoT Platform – FlyThings®

Monitoring and control of the production processes for the company 4.0

We centralize on a single screen all the data sources present in your facilities. Flythings® enables predictive analytics and operational intelligence, allowing for a faster and safer decision making.

It measures, analyzes and acts on millions of data in real time

We provide devices with Internet access and allow for large volumes of data to be easily and efficiently managed. Our job is to collect, store, process, monitor and act.

We generate new information that has market value and is ready for immediate use

The use of artificial intelligence techniques allows for faster and safer decisions and an advanced level of prediction and learning, generating patterns to complete series of information that are incomplete due to a lack of data.


Millions of data






Active users

Business Intelligence Optimization

Monitoring costs, savings, energy billing, detections of deviations and alarms, etc.

Efficiency increase

Facilitating production growth without the need to increase the capacity of the facilities, but through the intelligent management of resources in real time.

Productivity growth.

By cutting costs (costs of conversion, storage, repairs and breakdowns, etc.)

Communications improvement

Through the availability of real-time data and the access to information that was unavailable until now.

Quality improvement

Enabling real-time quality analysis and the remote analysis of the correction of errors and deviations, while increasing the number of outputs produced with higher quality.

Process optimization

Allowing the machinery to be operational as long as possible, avoiding unforeseen problems and repairing costs thanks to asset intelligence (real-time malfunction alerts).


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What do you need to measure or monitor?