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Autonomous Aerial Mobility


We provide the infrastructure, services and proprietary technology that enables the integration of drones in U-space environments and autonomous, unattended and remote operations.

Our experience in large European demonstrators like AMU-LED and U-ELCOME makes us a benchmark in autonomous aerial mobility. We have promoted the first Spanish cluster of innovative air mobility SIAM, the first Cervera research network of excellence in intelligent transport in Spain and we lead working groups in Eurocae and Eurocontrol. Since 2023 we own one of the most advanced drone testing facilities of Europe, located in A Coruña.


We have the most advanced centre for experimentation in AI applied to urban air mobility in Europe.


Located in the marina of Lugo, Ancora is our test centre for coordinated air-sea operations, BVLOS and night flights.

The most exciting initiative

Discover how the first Maker Drone League in Spain works, a competition designed to promote technological vocations among teenagers.

ITG Drone Solutions was born in 2021 as a spin-off of the Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG) with the aim of launching cutting-edge technology on the market to meet the growing needs of drone operators.

The first cloud tool to manage the operations of your drone fleet.

Save time, money and resources with a modular solution full of features.

The revolutionary technology to deploy, recover and recharge your UAVs. Start optimising your operations, reducing costs and response times now, with our unique drone-in-a-box solution.

Technological excellence
endorsed by the Ministry

We are a Cervera Technology Centre of Excellence in Intelligent Transport
recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation for the development of “New technologies for intelligent transport based on Autonomous Aerial Mobility”.

U-Space Secure and Scalable

Enabling drone access to airspace in an efficient, safe and integrated way with the rest of air traffic is one of our main lines of work. We do this by designing modular architectures based on cloud-based microservices, incorporating ATM-grade functional safety requirements.

Mobile unit for intelligent operations control

ITG’s mobile drone operations control unit allows us to bring the office to the test field, with immediate deployment and state-of-the-art technological equipment that streamlines the start-up of flight operations.

Autonomous Operations, Unattended and Remote Operations

We design algorithms and on-board hardware for autonomous and precision landing, hardware for efficient energy management and control, and robust command and control software. Activities that enable and facilitate the development of systems for autonomous, unattended and remote operations.