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discover the
true value
of your data Industry 4.0


We bring market value to the millions of data generated by the company ’ s multiple processes, turning them into useful, valuable and easy to visualize information

Discover Flythings®, our IoT monitoring solution for Industry 4.0 that facilitates predictive analytics and operational intelligence enabling a high level of prediction and system learning. Collect, store, process, monitor and reacting to your data is our job. Collect, store, process, monitor and reacting to your data is our job.

Flythings: The IoT monitoring platform for Industry 4.0

Monitor and control your processes

Centralize in a single screen all the data sources of your facilities. Flythings® facilitates predictive analytics and operational intelligence ena bling faster and safer decision making.

Measure, analyse and react in real time

Connecting your machinery to the internet allows us to manage large volumes of information in an efficient and simple way. Your data is collected, stored, and processed, and we provide guidance on how to proceed based on it

Generate predictive information from your data

The use of artificial intelligence techniques allows an advanced level of self – learning and prediction, completing information series and generating models for future scenarios.

All the information at your fingertips

Real – time dashboards and reports.

Alarms of unexpected events and deactivations in real time.

Management of high volumes of data in real time.

Accessibil ity from any place and device

Georeferenced location and visualisation.

Integration with other systems such as ERP’s, SCADA, BI tools…

Secure network using firewalls, SSL encryption… Remote management and control of devices.

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