Experts in
renewable energy
Intelligent Energy


We develop digital solutions for the hybridisation of renewable generation and storage, with predictive models for generation, consumption and intelligent energy management.

A digitisation process that we have implemented in the industrial, port, residential and tertiary sectors, in energy communities, in electricity grids and also in virtual environments.

Artificial Intelligence to optimise your energy

FlyThings is an IoT analysis and monitoring platform that transforms the data generated by your energy installation into useful and valuable information.

It visualises and predicts consumption, creates alarms on critical indicators and simulates renewable energy installations and other energy sources.

Dimension, make your renewable energy more flexible and store it.

We help you to decide what power to install, to find the optimal place to place your installation and to assess your options when it comes to storing surplus energy.

Energy Audits

We use the latest technological advances to help you improve your company’s electrical installation and renew your energy audit in compliance with RD56/2016 regulations.


Managed data


Savings in kW/h managed


Audits carried out

Energy laboratory

We have advanced equipment that allows us to digitally simulate complex electrical installations.

Technological excellence
endorsed by the Ministry

We are a Cervera Technological Centre of Excellence in Energy Transition recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation for the development of the Spanish strategy to improve the management of the country’s energy resources.