Urban Air Mobility. Drone, UAV, U-space

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) provides infrastructure, services and solutions for U-space services and technologies to enable autonomous, unmanned and remote operations

Cervera Network of Excellence

We are a Technological Centre of Excellence in Intelligent Transport recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. The Centre is developing “New technologies for intelligent transport based on Autonomous Aerial Mobility“: iMOV3D.

Business R&D

We are promoting two Joint Research Units (JRU) specialised in drones: AIRUS “Automatic Intelligent seRvices for U-Space” jointly with the multinational Everis ADS, and FASTFLY “Full Autonomous Systems for UAS” with the company SDLE.

Flight tests

We will lead the testing for the main Europe-wide demonstration programme for urban air mobility and unmanned air taxis in Santiago de Compostela (NW Spain) in 2022. Together with Airbus, Boeing and 13 other entities from Europe, China and the United States, we are carrying out this project within the H2020 AMU-LED consortium.

Secure and scalable U-space

We are committed to enabling drone access to airspace- along with other air traffic- in an efficient, safe and integrated way.

By incorporating ATM-grade functional safety requirements and quality standards, we are designing high-scalable and modular architectures based on cloud-based microservices. Thus, our aim is to provide added value in developing key U-space services: aeronautical information supply, flight plan validation according to legal requirements, real-time flight monitoring and strategic and tactical conflict management, among others.

Autonomous, unmanned and remote operations

Along with solid command and control software, we are developing algorithms and on-board hardware for both autonomous precision landing and efficient energy management and control. These activities enable and simplify the development of systems for autonomous, unmanned and remote operations.

Our robotic hangar DroneSafeBox can be remotely controlled (take-off, landing, battery loading, telemetry sending, real-time video streaming) minimising response times and personal risks in emergency situations, 24X7 operations or repetitive operations, for example.

Management of operator’s day-to-day work

DroneSuite is a cloud-based platform with software tools and utilities developed to help manage, carry out and administer the day-to-day activity of a drone operator in a high flight density scenario made possible by European regulation.

It automates tasks, reduces drone flight times, automates data processing and provides efficient and high value-added results.

Its modules include Operation Execution, Fleet Manager, Operations Manager, Data processing, Reports and Administration.

Technology Centre of reference

Weekend TVE news, national edition. Testimony of our colleague Analía López on the unmanned and autonomous air taxi tests in Santiago de Compostela in 2022 – 3 min.

New European U-space new regulation. Webinar hosted by ITG and Enaire on the challenges of the new regulation that will safely integrate drones into airspace. 84 min.

FASTFLY 2035 Press Conference ·   Presentation of the Joint Research Unit involved in developing Artificial Intelligence to enhance safety in drone operations. 51 min

LaSexta News. ITG developed for Aerocámaras an artificial intelligence algorithm to count people and to measure the distance between them in public spaces. 96”

Civil UAVs Initiative. ITG takes part in designing and developing advanced services and functionalities of Indra‘s Data and Mission Processing Centre (DMPC).

1st League MAKER DRONE · Addressed to 18 schools and 126 students in the third year of Secondary in Galicia, NW Spain. This initiative is promoted jointly by the Barrié Foundation. Check the League’s website


Discover ANCORA our centre for testing coordinated air-sea operations, BVLOS and night flights.