Technology Center

Listening, understanding and anticipating. We do this by providing social and market value to companies and institutions.

ITG is made up of a talented team committed to putting innovation at the service of companies, institutions and society as a whole. A virtuous circle that channels talent and technology in an inertia that feeds back and guarantees a sustainable future.

Imagine. Transform. Grow.

We are a National Technology Centre officially recognised since 2012 by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, and we improve the competitive capacity of companies, organisations and professionals through R&D&I and differential technology.

Our activity in Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial vision or natural language processing, has been recognised as Cervera research excellence by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. We have also received this recognition in the field of intelligent energy and autonomous air mobility. We are also a benchmark in technologies applied to the integral water cycle and we promote sustainable cities in our dual capacity as a certifying body in Spain for the BREEAM® international seal of sustainable construction, and an official partner of the WELL™ international seal of health in buildings.

We are certified by our own R&D&I and quality management system, as well as authorized by the National Accreditation Agency (ENAC) for the certification of persons, and we are members of the governing council of the Spanish Federation of Technological Centers (FEDIT) since 2010. In the 2015-2022 period, our CEO has held the Presidency of this Federation, which brings together 47 technology centres, employs 6,000 researchers and generates revenues of 600 million euros.


ITG was established in February 1991 as a non-profit foundation by the Official Associations of Architects, Civil Engineers and Industrial Engineers of Galicia, and declared a foundation of Galician interest by the Regional Government of Galicia on 18 June 1991 (Registered in the Registry of Foundations of Galician Interest under no. 1991/6 – Tax Identification no. G15305923).

Along with the three founding members, the Foundation’s Board is made up of the Official Association of Mine Engineers of the Northwest of Spain, the Official Association of Marine and Ocean Engineers of Galicia, the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Galicia, the Galician Businessmen’s Association, the Research Vicerectorships of the Universities of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, and the Regional Government of Galicia.

They all share the duty to represent, rule and manage the Foundation and are solely responsible for approving the annual financial statements and establishing budgets. It is currently made up of 16 regular members and 5 honorary members:

CHAIRMAN Mr Antonio Couceiro Méndez
Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Galicia Mr. Francisco Pérez Rivas (Dean)
Mr. Manuel Antonio Medraño Fariña
Official Association of Architects of Galicia Mr. Luciano González Alfaya (Dean)
Official Association of Civil Engineers of Galicia Mr. Enrique Urcola Fernández-Miranda (Dean)
Official Association of Mining Engineers of the Northwest of Spain – Galician branch Mr. Jorge Dahl de Sobrino (Dean’s Delegate in Galicia)
Official Association of Marine and Ocean Engineers of Galicia Mr. José J. de Troya Calatayud (Dean)
Official Association of Agricultural Engineers of Galicia Mr. Pedro Calaza Martínez (Dean)
Confederation of Galician Businessmen (pending designation)
Regional government of Galicia Mr. Francisco José Conde López. Vicepresidente Primeiro e Conselleiro de Economía, Emprego e Industria
Mr. Román Rodríguez González. Conselleiro de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria
Ms. Inés Santé Riveira. Directora Xeral de Desenvolvemento Rural – Consellería do Medio Rural
Mr. Antonio Basanta Fernández, Director Xeral de Pesca, Acuicultura e Innovación Tecnológica – Consellería do Mar
Mr. Heriberto García Porto . Director do Instituto Galego da Vivenda e Solo – Consellería de Medio Ambiente, Territorio e Infraestructuras
University of A Coruña (UDC) Mr. Salvador Naya Fernández, Vice-chancellor of Scientific Politics, Research and Technology Transfer.
University of Vigo (UVIGO) Mrs. María Belén Rubio Armesto, Vicerrectora de Transferencia
University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) Mr. Vicente Pérez Muñuzuri, Vice-chancellor of Research and Innovation
Honorary Trustees Mr. Juan Manuel Páramo Neyra
Mr. Antonio Couceiro Méndez
Mr. Ramón Molezún Rebellón
Mr. José Manuel Rey Pichel
Mr. José Manuel Hermida-Cachalvite Mangana
Mr. Gabriel López-Companioni Vázquez
Mr. Ángel Fernández-Armesto Rodríguez

Board of Directors

These are the members of the Governing Board of the Technological Institute of Galicia Foundation:

CHAIRMAN Mr. Antonio Couceiro Méndez
1st VICE-CHAIRMAN Mr. Francisco Pérez Rivas
2nd VICE-CHAIRMAN Mr Elena Ampudia Aixendri
SECRETARY Mr. Enrique Urcola Fernández-Miranda
VOTING MEMBER Ms. Manuel Antonio Medraño Fariña

General Manager

ITG’s General Manager is appointed by the Board of Trustees after being proposed by the Governing Board.

As a single-member governing body, he is the functional manager acting on behalf of the aforementioned Board and is responsible for the Foundation’s operational management.

Mr. Carlos Calvo Orosa has held this position since 1999. A graduate in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he has been a member of the Governing Council of the Spanish Federation of Technological Centers (FEDIT) since 2010 and is currently its President.


El bienestar de quienes formamos parte de ITG es el principio sobre el que se construye nuestra cultura.

La honestidad, la confianza, el respeto y la actitud emprendedora guían nuestra conducta.


We encourage scientific and technological vocations with the Maker Drone League, an annual competition between October-May promoted together with the Barrié Foundation. The 18 high schools and 180 participants aged 13-14 must design, programme and fly a drone with their solutions to solve a specific social problem. All of this in exciting elimination rounds.

The digital transformation of SMEs

Our Oficina Acelera Pyme (OAP) provides free advice and training to contribute to the digital transformation process of SMEs in Galicia. In its first two years of operation, it has given 53 digitalisation workshops with more than 1,900 participants, resolved more than 200 queries and carried out 56 specific digital diagnoses.

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