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1991.Technology Center


We are a Technology Center formed by a talented team committed to making innovation available to companies, institutions, and society. A virtuous circle that channels talent and technology in an inertia that feeds back and guarantees a sustainable future.


It is our mission to facilitate access to research and technological development activities for companies, professionals, and organizations, as well as promote innovation and continuous improvement practices.


Our vision is to become an Industrial Technology Center of Reference, embedded in the industrial fabric, supporting companies to improve their competitiveness, connecting them to the institutional environment, and constituting an example of organizational efficiency.


The welfare of those who are part of ITG is the principle on which our culture is built.

Honesty, trust, respect and an entrepreneurial attitude guide our conduct.

We are a National Technology Center officially recognized since 2012 by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, and our raison d’être is to improve the competitive capacity of companies, organizations and professionals through R&D&I and differential technology.

Our activity in Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial vision or natural language processing, has the Cervera research excellence recognition from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. A recognition that we have also received in the field of intelligent energy and autonomous air mobility. In addition, we are a reference in technologies applied to the integral water cycle and we promote sustainable cities in our double capacity as a certifying body in Spain for the BREEAM® international seal of sustainable construction, and official partner of the WELL™ international seal of health in buildings.

Certified in our quality management system and R&D&I, and accredited by ENAC for the certification of people, we are a member of the governing council of the Federation of Technology Centers of Spain (FEDIT) since 2010 and, in the period 2015-2022, our general director has held the Presidency of this Federation that brings together 47 technology centers, employs 6,000 researchers and generates revenues of 600 million euros. 

Promoting technological vocations

Learn more about the first Maker Drone League in Spain, a competition designed to inspire teenagers to pursue technological careers.

ITG and the SDGs

Our activity contributes positively to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, an action plan in favor of people and the planet.