ITG promotes a new partnership to take on global water challenges

The Galicia Institute of Technology (ITG) is a member of the worldwide alliance, Water Action Platform, a network created to exchange experiences, skills and new solutions among its members, in a joint effort to face the global challenges of the integral water cycle.

This partnership is coordinated by Isle Utilities, a London-based company.  However, it also counts on the support of 17 institutions, including UNICEF, public administrations and companies operating across the seven continents: a network of more than 395 entities from 64 countries.

The main purpose is to support public utility companies in their effort to keep services running, avoiding interruptions and minimising the current pandemic’s impact on water supply and sanitation.

The Water Action Platform was established during the pandemic; it has facilitated the agile and dynamic exchange of knowledge in the global sector. Therefore, the expertise and strength gained in these months makes them able to tackle new issues of common interest.
Juan Luis Sobreira Seoane
Director of Open Innovation at ITG and member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Water Technological Platform (PTEA)

By learning about and sharing applied solutions on a worldwide scale, we can develop new ways of dealing with a global pandemic that requires global solutions.

The activity of the Water Action Platform is structured in specific working groups that include concerns related to COVID-19 (Service Accessibility, Information, detection of the virus in wastewater) and other transversal issues, such as Asset Management, Leakage Mitigation, New Technological Solutions, Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence or the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals