We are looking for an Engineer who will be responsible for the development of U-Space services in our office in A Coruña

2 January 2019 – The ITG technological center has started a selection process to recruit a professional for its premises in A Coruña who will contribute to the development of international research projects for the implementation of U-Space services aimed at safely integrating UAVs  (also known as drones) into airspace.

Send you CV to rrhh@itg.es

Main tasks and duties: Leading U-Space development projects from their conception to their realization. Developing methods, algorithms and procedures to ensure the safety and viability of flight plans depending on the rest of airspace users and for the purposes of ensuring separation with other airspace users in real time. Communication with technical teams from companies associated with us.

It will be necessary to have experience in the development of critical software and systems. Experience in systems engineering and implementation of V-model projects, under PMP or CMMI. Experience in the use of Matlab/Simulink, C/C++. High level of English. Experience working in multidisciplinary and International teams.

The ideal candidate will preferably have experience in software development in safety-critical systems, especially in the aeronautical field (DO-278A). Knowledge of algorithm development for the calculation of avoidance paths and the development of air traffic control strategies.

Required profile. Aeronautical Engineer, Computer Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer, Industrial (electronics) Engineer or the like. Available to travel and resident in A Coruña or its surroundings.

Job description. Full time, competitive salary according to the candidate’s profile and experience. Indefinite-term contract with ITG, one of the six National Technological Centers officially recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in Galicia and the only one that is a member of the governing board of the Spanish Federation of Technological Centers (FEDIT). We currently hold the presidency of said Federation with 34 associated technology centers, 3,341 employees and 13,000 business clients.


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ITG is a private technology center located in the city center of A Coruña (Spain), leader in national and international R&D projects and with 28 years of experience. Our mission, carried out by the ITG staff, is to improve business competitiveness through research and the provision of professional services related to communications and sensors, UAS and water, energy and environmental technologies.

We offer professional development in multidisciplinary work teams, with highly qualified people who participate in cutting-edge projects in line with the values that define us. Self-realization is one of the most important values for ITG professionals, a result of applying the skills of our professionals to the challenges they face every day.

ITG is a 100% privately-funded foundation and a National Technological Center officially recognized by the State. We are part of the governing council of the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (FEDIT). We currently hold the presidency of said Federation with 34 associated technology centers, 3,341 employees and 13,000 business clients.

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Somos Centro Tecnológico Nacional reconocido oficialmente desde el año 2012 por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Secretaría de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación, y nuestra razón de ser es mejorar la capacidad competitiva de las empresas, organizaciones y profesionales a través de la I+D+i y tecnología diferencial.

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