Recruiting Full Stack Developer for our Coruña head-office

2 Enero 2019 – The ITG (Technological Institute of Galicia) has opened a selection process to incorporate a professional for its A Coruña head-office, whose job will be to take part in multinational research projects, execute electronic designs for professional drones and in the IoT field.

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Responsibilities and functions: ATo take on the development of new PCBs for IoT and drones (communications, power, microcontrols, etc) from its inception to its production, including its architecture, components selection, scheme and layout design production supervision and launch.

Required experience in the following areas: Electronic design (schemes, library components, multilayer PCB). Signal integration. To be familiar with SW (Altium Designer, Orcad or Eagle). Use of laboratory instruments (oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, logic analyser, etc.). To be familiar with communication protocols series RS232,RS485,12C…) and standard wireless communication (Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy,RF in ISM Bands…). Design with ADC’s and data acquisition systems. Design of DC-to-DC convertors.

We value experience in microcontroller and imbedded Linux programming, design of mechanical enclosures with software 3D and design of blueprints.

Required profile. ITelecommunications Engineer, Industrial or Electronics or similar. English level. Ready to travel and to relocate to A Coruña area.

Conditions. Full-time employment and competitive remuneration according to rank and experience, indefinite contract with the ITG, one of the 6 National Technology Centers officially accredited by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Galicia and the only one belonging to the Board of FEDIT (Spanish Federation of Technology Centers). We are part of FEDIT, of which we currently hold chairmanship. FEDIT groups 34 technology centers with 3,341 employees and 13,000 clients.

Technology center of reference

The ITG is a private technology center located in the center of A Coruña, and is the leader in national and international projects with 25 years experience in R+D. Our mission, carried out by the staff at the ITG, is to improve the competitiveness of organizations through investigation and availability of professional services in communications, sensors, energy, environment, ITC and sustainable construction.

We offer professional development in multidisciplinary teams with highly qualified colleagues who take part in modern projects, in which we stand out. Self-realization is one of the most valued features by the ITG professionals, as a result of the adaptation of personal abilities on the challenges we face.

The ITG is a foundation 100% private and it is a Technology Center officially accredited by the Government. We are part of FEDIT, of which we currently hold chairmanship. FEDIT groups 34 technology centers with 3,341 employees and 13,000 clients.

Sobre ITG

Somos Centro Tecnológico Nacional reconocido oficialmente desde el año 2012 por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Secretaría de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación, y nuestra razón de ser es mejorar la capacidad competitiva de las empresas, organizaciones y profesionales a través de la I+D+i y tecnología diferencial.

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