Energy optimization

14 years of experience and more than 500 actions gives us the tools to find the most appropriate solution for companies and public and private entities


A work team that has remained stable for 11 years, dozens of R+D projects and our field work experience allow us to address your needs with confidence.

Maximum independence

We are an officially recognized National Technology Center and our founding members are the three Official Colleges of: Industrial Engineers; Civil Engineers; and Architects.

Measure, Analyze, Act

We are happy to take on the challenge of achieving the same results with lower energy consumption. We want to know your needs and solve them.

Monitoring Software and Energy Control

  • Cloud solution. Continuous evolution with new developments automatically available for each client.
  • Big Data. Management and analysis of huge volumes of current and historical data.
  • Energy auditor. Monitoring of costs, savings, billing, detection of deviations, alarms…
  • Reports: Designed by energy managers, the reports allow for the detailed analysis of the energy performance of the facilities.
  • Control and self-management: Real-time remote control from any device with Internet connection.
  • Flexible: Adaptable to different types of users (Administration, Maintenance, Energy Manager, Quality).

They already use it

Specific services for City Councils

Baiona, Mos, Gondomar and O Rosal have achieved energy savings of 150,000 €/year with a return on investment of less than one year.

The savings have been possible thanks to the technical assistance of ITG through a short-term energy optimization service, adapted to the needs and starting point of each municipality.

Along with this assistance, we offer other medium and long-term actions of a more strategic nature. An example of this is the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Master Plan of the municipality of Santiago de Compostela, or the assistance to the City Council of Ferrol on the outsourcing of certain energy services such as lighting.

Energy optimization

Our experience in the textile, timber, fishing, hotel, sports facilities and building industries, makes us the ideal adviser, which is a service we are currently providing to the following organizations:

  • Grupo FerroAtlántica, world leader in the production of Silicon Metal as well as products for the steel industry.
  • Leche Celta, a company that produces and sells dairy products and has production plants in Galicia, Castille and Leon and Cantabria.
  • SOGAMA, a publicly company funded by the regional government and created in 1992 for the management and treatment of urban waste produced in Galicia.
  • Radio and Television Corporation of Galicia both at its headquarters in San Marcos and at its local offices.

The energy control center of the hospital of the future

Reduce un 15% el consumo de energía, predice el comportamiento de las instalaciones y recomienda actuaciones gracias a técnicas de Inteligencia Artificial.

Hemos desarrollado un innovador sistema de control energético para FERROVIAL SERVICIOS en el marco del Plan de Innovación Sanitaria impulsado por el Servicio Galego de Saúde.

Permite gestionar de forma inteligente los sistemas de consumo y generación energética del Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense (CHUO), optimizando el balance energético de unas instalaciones de 119.566 m2 y donde trabajan más de 3.000 personas. Una herramienta clave para aprovechar al máximo los recursos de hospital y reducir su consumo energético.