ITG develops DroneSuite, a groundbreaking solution for drone operators managing their day-to-day activities

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Up and running by 31 December of this year, the latest European Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) regulations will trigger a world of drone sector activities, such as transport and remote or fully autonomous operations. To stay competitive, operators will need state-of-the-art tools and a modus operandi.

The Galicia Institute of Technology (ITG) has created the DroneSuite solution to make it easier for drone operators to manage their activity.  It helps them deal with the high density of unmanned aircraft flights heralded by the new European regulations.

Providing extra values for drone operators, this system makes it possible to automate tasks, reduce drone flight times, analyse data automatically and generate results efficiently,

ITG’s DroneSuite solution is a cloud-based platform with software tools and utilities designed to make it simpler for drone operators to manage, operate and administer their normal activity. Processing tasks are automated and results are effectively generated with a high degree of added value.

With its advanced functionality and automatic system for processing information, this versatile tool is compatible with industry regulations.  Once again, ITG is one step ahead of the technology needs for the near future and operators can multiply their potential market share.

Wide functionality with modular structure

There are, among the functionalities offered by this platform, different software utilities embedded with each other and with external services.

The following modules are particularly noteworthy: the module in charge of the execution of the operation; a fleet manager, which facilitates the control and monitoring of the assets and personnel of the operating company, such as pilots and drones; the operations manager, designed to plan and design the operations to be carried out in the office; data processing, where the acquired information is analysed and studied using the different tools integrated in the platform; the preparation of reports, with graphic and documentary presentation of the results analysed and processed; and an administration module for carrying out different generic tasks for the operator

BFAero Accelerator

DroneSuite was one of the 7 solutions selected out of 85 applications submitted nationwide.

The Business Factory Aero accelerator, created in the context of the Civil UAVs Initiative programme, promoted by the Xunta de Galicia, provides a support programme for start-ups, spin-offs and spin-outs that can provide solutions in proposed thematic areas. This program is focused on helping projects to consolidate in the market their value proposals and business models and position themselves to make first sales in the aeronautical and unmanned vehicles sector.

In this sense, the accelerator provides its fast-track projects with a detailed plan for the development and launch of their product in the local, national and international market, with a duration of 12 months for both the incubation and acceleration stages. Three of the seven projects selected by the BFAero Executive Committee to participate in its third edition are from Galician companies and startups, two from Madrid, one from Alicante and one from Zaragoza.

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