Development, implementation and validation of a system for the optimisation of energy and improvement of the quality of water discharged into the environment

Category Regional
Sectors Integrated Water Cycle
Execution Period 2022 – 2023
Funding Augas de Galicia. Innovaugas Reto 3: OH.788.431


Challenge 03: aims to develop, implement and validate an integrated infrastructure for the collection, processing and interpretation of data that makes it possible to aggregate and exploit all existing information from different sources in a coherent manner, expanding knowledge of the basins and supporting decision-making for the reduction of pressures and impacts with the incorporation of state-of-the-art digital technologies.

ITG aims to develop and deploy a horizontal platform aimed at capturing information on the variables necessary to meet the objectives of the challenge, as well as the functionalities that facilitate their transformation, including the use of artificial intelligence techniques. In addition, of the vertical modules contemplated by the challenge: integration with LIMS systems for the management of laboratory analyses, prediction of eutrophication episodes and determination of hydromorphology, it is responsible for the latter.


UTE: Aquatec Proyectos Para el Sector del Agua, S.A.U., ITG

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