Enabling technologies for air transport logistics units

Category National
Sectors Aerospace and Drone, Industry 4.0, Intelligent Mobility
Execution Period 2023-2025
Funding CDTI


The objective of ULTRADRON is to provide an evolutionary leap in the enabling technologies of air transport logistics units, reducing the carbon footprint during their operation, promoting research into new alternative propulsion systems, the integration of such systems in drones currently powered by fossil fuels, as well as the development of intelligent systems capable of automating the entire logistics cycle.

The scope of ULTRADRON will cover the entire aircraft logistics cycle, including the realisation of an alternative propulsion drone for the delivery of goods, a system for the handling and delivery of such goods and a logistics station where operations and, in particular, the handling of goods are centralised. ULTRADRON is intended to ensure the consistency and compatibility of the proposed logistics solution to cover a specific application, that of port-to-ship cargo delivery by drone.

In summary, the general objectives of the ULTRADRON project are focused on:

  1. Reduce the carbon footprint of aircraft involved in air logistics activities.
  2. To evolve ground infrastructures and systems to enable more efficient unmanned aerial operations.

In addition, within the project, ITG has the following specific objectives together with the company UTINGAL:

  1. Development of an intelligent transport logistics unit with drone.
  2. Study of materials and manufacturing techniques for the optimisation of drone structures.


Drone Hopper, PAL Robotics, UTINGAL, Tecnalia, ITG.

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