The ITG’s innovation in Sanitary and Land planning receives Award from the Professional Association of Environmental Enterprises

Nov 23rd ’18 – SANePLAN, the ITG’s solution for the integral planning and sustainable management of sanitary infrastructures, has been acknowledged by the Professional Association of Environmental Enterprises in the framework of the IV edition of Environment Awards. Juan Luis Sobreira Seoane, Director of Development and Business, also responsible for SANePLAN, collected the award in an event that was held last night in the Galician Business Circle, in Vigo.

This environmental solution is aimed at Town Councils and other organizations responsible for sanitation and land planning. It is in operation since 2014 in the Salnés, Baiona, Cambados, Ribadumia and Vilanova de Arousa, as well as in the Italian municipalities of Chiesina and Uzzanese.

Last June, SANePLAn received an Award from OCDE (Organization for the Development and Economic Cooperation). It was chosen as the only example of good practices in the category of water and environment, health, industry, energy agriculture and the planning of coherent policies through transversal efficient coordination.

Aimed at Councils and other organisms responsible for urban planning and sanitation, SANePLAN brings, as a novelty, the integral management of sanitary and urban planning, by identifying information from sanitary networks and water treatment plants as main focus, allowing a global view of the management system in the contexts of health and urban planning. This solution is the result of previous successes of the ITG in the fields of drinking water for big cities.

During the development of SANePLAN, more than 100,000 wells have been analysed, as well as over 425km of network; 230 experts from Spain and Italy have taken part, including 12 working teams and 50 public and private institutions.

Solutions for Water Resource Management

During the past 10 years, the ITG has been working on the development of solutions to ensure better water quality, anticipating problems such as eutrophication, facilitating the prevention of water-loss in drinking water distribution networks, and integrating water management through land planning and organization.

Several of these solutions have received the approval of Government and businesses; such is the case of SANePlan, an information system for the improvement of planning and sanitary management, which is currently carried out in four trial places in Galicia and Italy, such project received last week a prize from the Association of Environmental Enterprises of Galicia (APROEMA). It also received the acknowledgement from the OCDE (Organization for Development and Economic Cooperation) It was chosen as the only example of good practices in the category of water and environment, health, industry, energy agriculture and the planning of coherent policies through transversal efficient coordination.

In addition to SANePLAN the WIZ technology, which allows better drinking water management through a practical and transparent information system, received the acknowledgement of the European Program LIFE (“Best of the Best” project). The intelligent water meter WETNET, which optimizes the drinking water distribution networks, has received two honourable mentions in one of the industry’s most respected events, WEX Global. It was successfully received in the marketplace with more than one thousand units installed in the first few months of its launching.


Entre los proyectos más relevantes para el periodo 2018-2010, ITG es el líder de Aquamundam, una iniciativa europea para la mejora en la gestión del ciclo de vida y la eficiencia de las redes de distribución de agua potable y los sistemas de saneamiento en 12 pequeños y medianos municipios de España y Portugal para que puedan gestionar sus infraestructuras, conocer los costes de explotación y las posibles incidencias en tiempo real con soluciones tecnológicas propias de ciudades inteligentes.

The ITG is the leader of AQUAMUNDAM, a European project for the hydrological planning and efficiency in drinking water and sanitation distribution networks in 12 small townships in Spain and Portugal, for them to manage their infrastructures, know their exploitation costs and the possible hazards, in real-time, using technological solutions for bigger cities.

Our team- International Recognition

This award represents a new acknowledgment of the work been carried out by the ITG team, under the leadership of Juan L. Sobreira, Director of Business Development of the ITG, who coordinates a team of engineers from the fields of industry, electronics, telecommunications, architecture and software specialists, working at national and international levels, national and international projects and the usual services to its clients.

This is possible thanks to the human capital of the ITG and its multidisciplinary nature; Being a BREEAM certifying body (International Benchmark in Sustainable Development), having extensive experience in energy efficiency and in water consumption, allows them to accept projects in the following areas: zero consumption systems for water purification; integration of nanosensors for water quality; IoT and BigData to improve decision making; urban resilience and eco-infrastructures.

About Aproema
Founded in 1997, the Professional Association of Environmental Companies (APROEMA) is a non-profit business organization that brings together and gives voices to companies in the environmental sector, belonging to Galicia. Its objectives are to promote ethical business management, based on a commitment to the protection of the environment, promoting the principles of corporations that are committed to sustainable development, and its strict compliance with legality. Currently the Association is composed of almost fifty companies, mostly belonging to the waste management sector.
APROEMA holds every two years the ‘APROEMA Environment Awards’ in recognition of activities and projects in support of environmental measures, promoted by companies, Public Administrations and educational centers.