Management and control system to improve efficiency, demand flexibility and energy self-sufficiency in WWTPs

Category International
Sectors Integrated Water Cycle, Renewable Energies
Execution Period 2022 – 2023
Funding Interreg V A España Portugal (POCTEP). 0776_AQUALITRANS_II_1_E


Project 0092_AQUALITRANS_1_E will capitalise the results related to (1) Improvement of efficiency in the management of WWTPs; (2) Advanced management tool for WWTPs in the Euroregion; (3) Development of pilot experiences.

The general objective of the AQUALITRANS II project is the promotion of innovative technologies for the improvement of sustainability and efficiency in the wastewater treatment sector, aligning them with the needs arising from the Energy Transition, such as the integration of renewable generation for greater energy self-sufficiency, increased demand flexibility and active participation in the electricity market.


Leader: Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG)

Partners: Entidad Pública Empresarial Augas de Galicia. Xunta de Galicia, Instituto Energético de Galicia, Instituto de Ciência e Inovação em Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Industrial (INEGI), CMPEA-Empresa de Aguas do Municipio do Porto, EM

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