Mission and Data Processing Centre within the framework of the Civil UAV Initiative of the Xunta de Galicia.

Category Regional
Sectors Aerospace and Drone, Intelligent Mobility
Execution Period 2018 – 2020
Funding Civil UAV Initiative, GAIN. ID publication: 23125


Development of the CMPD platform and its deployment in a production environment. Development is approached in two phases

Phase 1: It involves the creation of the portal skeleton with the following functionalities:

– Product request: CMPD Web Portal platform development functionality: Basic functionality that responds to the start-up of a web environment that enters the functionalities of this version. Business logic implementation of the creation and validation flow: WP2 Administration:

– Interface of the mission center with CPD (Catalog). This functionality is considered critical for the deployment of new functionalities of the product request module.

– Security: Access management: This functionality is considered critical since its implementation is necessary as the portal modules are developed.

– WP5 Communications: GCS chat functionality and user notifications. It is undertaken due to the short effort involved.

Phase 2: Starting from the basic developments, carried out in phase 1 of this activity, the modules that will make use of the functionalities deployed in the previous phase, for their correct development, will be given:

– WP1 Product request

o Service request module for end users

– WP3 Mission Center

o Mission center interface with CPD Catalog

– WP4 Data reception

o Data integration module with the CMPD

o GCS CMPD communication through STANAG 4586 “


Indra Sistemas S.A (Leader)

ITG (Subcontracted)

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