Joint Research Unit: Fully Autonomous Systems for UAS

Category Regional
Sectors Aerospace and Drone, Intelligent Mobility
Execution Period 2020 -2023
Funding Xunta de Galicia – Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN). Consolidation of joint research units. IN853B 2020/02


Research into new technologies and systems in line with Europe’s roadmap for 2035, which facilitate UAV/UAS (unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones) missions with a high level of autonomy, and with a focus on complex environments, long distances and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight). ITG’s role: to contribute to the international state of the art technology in relation to Intelligent Hybrid Battery System Management (advancing the state of the art of hydrogen batteries), Landing Aid in Unforeseen Situations or Adverse Weather or Lighting Conditions, Cloud Architectures for Operator Services Suite and Standard Systems for High Risk Scenarios.


Leader: Fundación ITG

Partners: Star Defence Logistics & Engineering, S.L. (SLDE)

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