Optimized Management of Energy Consumption, FLEXibility, and Photovoltaic Production in Businesses and Virtual Energy Communities in the Automotive Sector of Galicia

Category National
Sectors Industry 4.0, Intelligent Mobility, Renewable Energies
Execution Period 2023 – 2024


The project aims to reduce the energy costs of industries in the automotive sector by exploring the feasibility of new business models associated with the creation of virtual energy communities, enhancing energy flexibility and the digitalization of industrial processes of the automotive sector companies in Galicia, and optimizing the production of photovoltaic energy in companies with self-consumption. This will be achieved through the development and adaptation of platforms – based on artificial intelligence – for demand aggregation and flexibility management, and for the optimized management of energy flows and renewable production in virtual energy communities. It involves using the modeling of grouped management systems and energy exchanges in a laboratory environment, and subsequent field experimentation, which will allow companies to participate in flexibility markets, and validate new business models related to energy sales, placing the consumer at the center of the energy system.


Leader: Clúster de Automoción y Movilidad de Galicia (CEAGA) Partners: Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG), Asociación para la Digitalización de la Industria de Galicia (DIHGIGAL), Bamboo Energy, Nexus Energía, Adhex Tech Tapes, S.L. (ADHEX), Denso Sistemas Térmicos España S.A. (DENSO) y Recuperadora Gallega De Disolventes, S. L. (REGADI).

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