Integrated solution for the management and digitisation of grazing on dairy farms

Category Regional
Sectors Aerospace and Drone, Agriculture and Livestock
Execution Period 2023- 2026
Funding Axencia Galega da Calidade Alimentaria


Grazing is a growing practice in dairy production due to the demand for organic and healthy dairy products. Also, in recent years there has been a rise in the price of raw materials (mainly in feed, fodder and chemical fertilisers) leading to the search for cost reduction and improved profit margins in dairy production with grazing. The problem is that this development is not taking place in an efficient way, as the lack of knowledge and management tools on the farms leads to inefficient techniques.

Grazemasters aims to develop an end-to-end solution to manage and digitise the grazing process on dairy farms. The project uses IOT and drones to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce the environmental footprint, and collect data for decision support.

Expected benefits include improved grazing efficiency, increased milk production, reduced operating costs (such as feed and labour), improved herd health and welfare, and easier herd management.

The project will focus on the following areas:

  1. Automation of electric fencing and watering management.
  2. Digitalisation of grass supply measurement (drone and mobile phone).
  3. Digital interface for recording grazing data and supporting grazing planning


Data Monitoring/Perfect Numbers, Sat Margá, Xestion Agroganderia e Natureza SL, ITG.

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