Industrial Research in Generative Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Creation of Virtual Set Scenarios in the Audiovisual Sector

Category National
Sectors Audiovisual
Execution Period 2023-2024
Funding Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo. Convocatoria 2023 en el marco del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia. Programa de apoyo a las Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras. AEI-010500-2023-280


PlatVR is an initiative funded by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism through the 2023 call of the support program for AEIs (Business Innovation Clusters). The general objective of the project focuses on developing a platform that integrates the automatic generation of 3D scenarios from text commands and 2D images generated through generative artificial intelligence. This project aims to provide solutions for companies in the audiovisual sector to minimize time frames and costs in production activities, offering filming or broadcasting in a controlled environment (virtual set) and the ability to interact with virtual objects, providing a more realistic and immersive experience. Specific objectives:
– OE1: Generation of 3D Images from 2D through an artificial intelligence system capable of analyzing and processing 2D images of real scenarios or those generated by other intelligences.
– OE2: Generation of prompts from natural language, through a conversational assistant based on natural language processing (NLP) techniques that integrates with generative image artificial intelligences, allowing the creation of 2D scenarios.
– OE3: Design of GAN networks for the generation of 2D images, based on the conditions set by the input data to the model.
– OE4: Explainability of Generative Artificial Intelligence GAN models. Through XAI (eXplainable Artificial Intelligence) techniques for their transfer to the end user.
– OE5: Integration into Virtual Set platforms, to facilitate their incorporation into audiovisual productions and ensuring their compatibility with existing systems.


Leader: Asociación Clúster do Audiovisual Galego Partners: The Mo, Magic Fennec, Clúster Audiovisual de Aragón, Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG)

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