SMARTOM operating group. Project for the creation of a comprehensive management platform for industrial tomato

Category National
Sectors Aerospace and Drone, Intelligent Mobility
Execution Period 2018 – 2020
Funding Innovation projects of general interest by European Innovation Partnership Task Forces on agricultural productivity and sustainability (AEI-AGRI). National Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. BDNS (IDENTIF.): 405133


Development of a platform that facilitates the integral management of the industrial tomato cultivation cycle that supports decision-making in the key processes of each stage of the cultivation cycle. The platform will provide alerts of predictions of the risks of the appearance of diseases caused by fungi based on the detection and development of soil maps in phases prior to cultivation based on genetic techniques, and meteorological information and specific conditions in the different stages of cultivation. once installed. It will also allow the identification of a disease when the plant does not yet show visible symptoms of the disease or is in the earlier stages of its development in a quick and easy way.


Leader: Soltel IT Solutions S.L.U.

Partners: Asociación Empresarial de Investigación Centro, ACOPAEX S. COOP., Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia, Ambling Ingeniería y  Servicios S.L., Cartogallcia S.L

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