Comprehensive portable diagnostic system

Category Regional
Sectors Food
Execution Period 2022 – 2024
Funding AGACAL Grupos Operativos 2022. FEADER 2022/045B


Development of a portable integral diagnostic system that avoids the investment and complexity of installing a fixed sensor system. It will allow the temporary and portable installation with wireless technology to fully monitor a livestock farm: stables, milking parlour, dairy, annexed installations, obtaining parameters on a continuous basis. It will also take into account the environmental and key management factors of the farm in order to issue a complete and detailed diagnostic report on animal behaviour factors, efficiency of resource use, animal welfare and establish measures for improvement.


Leader: Unión Leiteira Galega

Partners: Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia, PS Vet Dairyquality SL, Asociación Profesional Gandeiros de Lugo, Federación Galega de Medio Ambiente

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