Air Mobility Urban – Large Experimental Demonstrations

Category International
Sectors Aerospace and Drone, Intelligent Mobility
Execution Period 2021-2022
Funding SESAR Joint Undertaking under H2020 programme (grant agreement No 101017702)


AMU-LED will conduct real UAM operations on a trial basis in a U-space ecosystem for coordinated flights of various types of UAVs in different scenarios, use cases and applications (e.g. air taxis, emergency services, goods delivery, surveys, etc.) for surveillance, logistics and mobility using aerial vehicles.



Everis / NTTdata (coordinador), Airbus, AirHub, Altitude Angel, ANRA Technologies, Boeing Research & Technology-Europe, FADA-CATEC, Cranfield University, EHangENAIRE, Gemeente Amsterdam, INECO, Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG), Jeppesen, NLR, Space53 and Tecnalia.

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