Decarbonization of industrial processes through digitalization, integration, and smart management of photovoltaic self-consumption systems with storage

Category National
Sectors Renewable Energies
Execution Period 2023-2024


The European industry faces the dual challenge of advancing towards a digital and energy transformation to maintain its competitiveness. This challenge involves reducing energy costs while digitalizing and decarbonizing its processes. Self-consumption of photovoltaic energy can protect consumers from high energy prices and contribute to reducing carbon emissions in the industry. To fully leverage the opportunities of self-consumption, it will be necessary to develop smart management solutions based on digitalization, which allow for coupling demand and generation considering storage and electricity-consuming systems. The DIGIBAT project, “Decarbonization of industrial processes through digitalization, integration, and smart management of photovoltaic self-consumption systems with storage,” faces the following research challenges:
– Maximize renewable production through the digitalization of self-consumption systems.
– Optimize operation and management strategies of battery storage systems.
– Adapt the operation of productive processes to renewable production.

This project will investigate strategies and smart management tools based on IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence; to maximize the self-consumption of photovoltaic self-consumption facilities in the industrial field. The project will tackle, through digital technologies, challenges related to predictive maintenance of self-consumption facilities, as well as the optimization of the management of storage systems and electricity-consuming productive processes. DIGIBAT is envisioned as a collaborative industrial research project aimed at acquiring new knowledge in the field of smart management of photovoltaic self-consumption systems with storage in the industrial sphere. This research will focus on developing a new comprehensive energy management tool, capable of managing self-consumption facilities in conjunction with storage systems and productive processes. During the project, a prototype of the smart management system will be developed, which will be tested in the laboratory with simulated interfaces and in pilot self-consumption installations of participating partners. TI Fluid Systems, SELMARK, and ITG will deploy self-consumption and digitalization installations during the project period, serving as pilot systems where the tools developed during the project will be tested.


Leader: AEI GALICIA DIGITAL Partners: Clúster de Automoción y Movilidad de Galicia (CEAGA), TI Fluid Systems, Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG), NEOSEGA, SELMARK

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