Joint forest management to prevent forest fires in POPTEP territory

Category International
Sectors Forestry
Execution Period 2019 – 2021
Funding Interreg VA Spain-Portugal 2014-2020 (PocTep)


GEFRECON is a project that addresses an issue of great concern in the Spain-Portugal cross-border territory such as the management of climate-related risks, and specifically the reduction of the risk of forest fires, through the mobilisation of resources and promotion to achieve the management of forest territories.


Leader: Diputación de Ávila

Partners: Diputación de A Coruña, ITG, Ente Público Regional de la Energía de Castilla y León, Monte de las Navas SA, Fundación Santa María la Real, y las entidades portuguesas CIM Alto Minho, CBE, ENERAREA, and RNAE

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