Use of unmanned aerial vehicles for the simplification of actions on the ground

Category National
Sectors Aerospace and Drone, Agriculture and Livestock
Execution Period 2022 – 2025
Funding CPI AGAPA. 2022/S 125-356049


Use of unmanned aerial vehicles for the simplification of actions on the ground” (UAS 4Simplify), to be implemented by the Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency (hereinafter AGAPA). This advice should allow the establishment of a specialised technical accompaniment to the project team, throughout the whole process, from the preparatory phases to its completion. It will also provide methodological support to identify and anticipate possible difficulties in its implementation, thus ensuring the optimisation of the use of the resources employed, the choice of the best technical solutions and facilitating the control and monitoring of the project.

The Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia, ITG, will provide specialised support in all areas of the project (technical, functional, economic-financial, fiscal, …) considered key to its success.

With the implementation of the AGAPA Project (UAS4Simplify), the aim is to design, develop and put into operation technological solutions to optimise and/or improve the performance of certain control and inspection actions in the field and at sea, as well as characterisation tasks of the Andalusian territory, such as inventories of roads and irrigation systems or action in emergency situations.


Leader:  Sidi Consultoría y Gestión, S.L

Subcontracted: ITG

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