Collaborative industrial research project for the development of an ICT tool for the management of business processes in the wood industry value chain.

Category National
Sectors Forestry
Execution Period 2022
Funding Innovative Business Clusters – 2022. AEI-010500-2022-19


Innovate in the management of business processes along the value chain of the wood industry, from forestry exploitation to processing industries, through the application of ICTs for the digitalisation, modernisation and optimisation of processes in the field of forest exploitation management, forest machinery management, transport route planning, wood traceability management and the optimisation of production processes in the processing industry.


Galician Wood Cluster Association

Hermanos García Rocha S.L., Cerna Ingeniería y Asesoría Medioambiental S.L., Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia

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